Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So What is This Blog For?

Greetings and salutations to all the followers out there (who will likely show up later on down the line and will be either be following this because you're part of my family or are just curious about genealogy. Or maybe you'll just come for my ramblings, of which there will be a lot)! This blog is so I can both keep track of my search data and any interesting pieces of information I stumble across while I compile information about my family's roots, and so I don't lose my mind while doing so. I'm going to flat out say this here, and hope he understands what I mean when I say it: This is entirely my Uncle Phil's fault. ...

Okay, so the blog was my idea entirely, but the whole genealogy and tracking of family roots thing is because of him. To start things out for people wanting to do their own searching, I'm going to give you advice he gave me: TAKE GOOD NOTES. Notate everything. Make a note of the site you located it on, the name of any article you found, the ID number for specific data (if available), any connections to other people, anything. Keep things organized, keep records of everything.